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Get the comfort of door-to-door logistics in your company!

Have you ever heard of door-to-door logistics? 

If you are an entrepreneur and need a safe support for your cargo transport, with an interesting cost benefit, the logistics known as door to door can be your salvation!  

What is it? 

Door-to-door logistics, as the name implies, refers to the cargo collected at the forwarder’s door and delivered to the final consumer’s door. All logistics present are connected to it with international traffic services, customs legislation, storage etc.  

In this case, the person responsible for all this processing will not be you, the company owner or the person responsible for the operation. With door-to-door logistics, the service is outsourced by a freight forwarder who will take care of each step of the process and, therefore, your company will save time and money. 

And how does it work? 

Safely, logistics works as follows: 

The Agent or Carrier picks up the cargo at the point of origin. All the material and its documentation are checked there; 

Thereafter, the products are already dispatched to the buyer. The freight forwarder must consider which transport modal to use, respecting the route and delivery times stipulated at the time of purchase. In this step, the buyer and the shipper can already track the status of the cargo handling through a tracking code (tracking number); 

The package has arrived. Once again, all items ordered are checked to verify their integrity. 

In the event of something like robbery or breakage of the cargo during the route, the insurance that is optional in the service (but we highly recommend its acquirement), will cover the damage caused in the cargo or the reimbursement in case of robbery/theft. 

I liked it, but what are the advantages? 

To be sure that door-to-door logistics is the best option for your company, check the ideal type of travel for each type of route you will travel. This easy logistics promises an agile, safe and cost-effective import and/or export. There is also the following advantages: 

Service performed by third parties, in this case the freight forwarder, with a high volume of products for delivery, generating lower prices and still gaining more time that can be used in other functions in the company; 

Bureaucracy will no longer be a problem! With the freight forwarder, documents will be streamlined, and problems can be avoided from the first stage, which is the pickup of the product, to the last: delivery to the final consumer; 

More accurate, the flow of information between shipper and buyer will be faster; 

Finally, you will have complete support until the end of the process. 

In order not to have headaches and concerns, try to search and hire a reliable freight forwarder, such as Envie Express, which offers business plans according to your needs and has been in the logistics market for years.

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