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How to sell abroad?

Do you have a small business and would like to increase your profits by selling abroad? Cheer up! It’s easier than it looks!

Globalization and internet have long since broken the barriers of time, space and location. What before only large companies were able to do, now small ones do it with enviable agility.

If you already sell on the internet and to all over Brazil, why not expand your market and also sell abroad?

Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Website in other languages

Which countries would you like to sell to? Your website must be available in all these languages (not only the product pages, but also the page who we are and more), and the price must be in dollars.

  1. Know the habits of each country

Pay attention to the consumption habits of the countries you want to sell to, as well as the prohibitions and legislation for specific products. Tip: embrace the commemorative and promotional dates of these countries to make campaigns.

  1. Payment

Use a payment system on your website that is reliable for you and your potential customers. The payment system must be credible in the chosen country. Some payment companies offer special and secure services for small business owners, with sales tips, foreign exchange, fees etc. In-depth research is worthwhile.

  1. Logistics

Delivery is an essential factor in your sales process, as customers who buy want to receive the material in full, and especially, within the promised delivery time.

Failure to receive it causes numerous inconveniences that you certainly do not want to go through, so choose a credible company with experience in import and export.

Get more information about international shipping on our website and answer all your questions about it.

The dream of increasing your revenue is not far off. If selling abroad is your goal, start planning now. According to eBay, 25% of sales in Brazil are abroad.

In a survey conducted by FedEx in 2016 with small and medium-sized companies interviewed, 89% sold abroad and had revenues of around R$3.5 million in the period. It is an exploitable market and if you are prepared, go for it!

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