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The package is big. And then?

Many people and companies still do not know how to ship or dispatch their packages safely and effectively without worrying about the delivery time or even damage and misplacement that can occur, especially when the product to be shipped has a large volume or weight. If you have this demand (products with large dimensions and weight), know that there are rules that need to be met for the success of your shipment.

Conventional Shipping

By the Post Office, it is acceptable to post up to 105cm in one measurement (H x W x D), as long as the sum of the three sides does not exceed 200cm. If one side has exceeded the 70cm margin, more R$79.00 will be charged. If your object has a special shape, the same fee is charged, since for cylindrical and/or spherical materials, the treatment is differentiated in the postal flow, according to the Post Office.

An alternative to not be at risk of this additional charge is to evaluate whether it is possible to place the object in a square or rectangular box, when dealing with objects in special shapes.

Private Shipping

Know that the Post Office is not your only option! Private logistics agents are everywhere in the National Territory and most of these companies are very accessible and with special conditions for large shipments. In some of them, there are no separate fee charges for cases as the ones mentioned above.

These companies, unlike the Post Office, accept objects over 105cm and weigh more than 30kg, also offering cargo delivery services on pallets.

Attention to extras

Shipment ready, time to ship!

Unsuccessful pickup at the Forwarder’s address and deliveries to risky areas, for example, can cause additional costs. Check all the possibilities and make sure that there is no problem with the route traveled to the final destination of the freight.

Look for a specialized company and pay attention to the restrictions regarding the shape, weight and type of product you want to ship. Inquire also about possible additional costs and/or fees (taxes) that may be charged during (customs/Sefaz) or after the delivery, especially if the shipment is international.

If you are an entrepreneur or intend to open a new business and have difficulties in the logistics of your products, contact us! Envie Express offers special plans and conditions for companies.

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