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Dedicated or fractional freight, which is the best for your business?

Dedicated or fractional freight, which is the best for your business?

Your company needs a freight and when quoting you are faced with two modes: fractional cargo and dedicated cargo.

Understand what each of these modes means and learn how to choose the best option according to your company’s needs:

Fractional Cargo

It happens when several small shipments from different companies share a single freight, to different destinations, filling all the space available in the vehicle, providing a lower cost when compared to exclusive freight.

On the other hand, delivery time depends on the logistics of the route and the formation of a minimum volume. Usually, the material is picked up in companies and goes to another location where it waits to reach the minimum volume required for the freight, making the process slower.

This mode is ideal for e-commerce due to the low cost of shipping.

Dedicated Cargo

Chosen when the cargo for some reason requires exclusivity, such as greater volume, urgency or specifications of time, delivery or route. In this mode, it is not necessary to fill the entire vehicle.

The advantage is that with a car at your company’s disposal, your delivery time needs are fully met, often meeting emergency freight requests in less than 24 hours.

It is not necessary to wait a cargo formation or to be stuck to predetermined itineraries and schedules. Flexibility allows your company to obtain fully customized freight.

In order to choose the most suitable mode for the transportation of your cargo, it is necessary to analyze your main needs: if it is less costly and has no requirements regarding the delivery time, the fractional freight is the best solution.

Now, if your cargo is an emergency demand and needs a customized route, handling or schedule, exclusive cargo freight will better meet your need.

This mode is ideal for companies with special cargos that need freight customization.

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